In 2011, Stacey and Kevin Givens learned that their 3 ½ year old son, Brooks, was on the Autism Spectrum.  Taking recommendations from doctors, they enrolled Brooks in many therapies.  Although he showed benefit from all therapies, Sensory Therapy had immediate results that helped him to better regulate himself throughout the day.   Realizing that this would be critical for his school day success, Stacey set on a quest to install a Sensory Room at his targeted elementary school.  With support from administration and financial contributions by family members, the first Sensory Room was built in the Athens City Schools. Brooks, along with other students, showed benefit from using the space and resulted in administration from other schools reaching out for assistance to build similar spaces.  With the help of local civic organizations and private donors, Sensory Rooms have now been installed in all four of the elementary schools in Athens, the Intermediate School, Middle School, and High School.  
In 2015, Stacey and Kevin learned that their daughter has a hearing impairment called Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome.   Another diagnosis further fueled their desire to bridge gaps for those with special needs.  
With the hope to extend the Sensory Room project to the Limestone County Schools and provide other services or equipment to special needs children, a 501(c)(3) called Make A Way Foundation was incorporated.  
Our Board is composed of compassionate individuals who freely give so much of their time to serving others, and who have a particular interest in helping those with special needs.  Together, our goal is to Make A Way for these individuals to succeed!